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Newport Construction Services offers a variety of services for commercial, industrial, and residential clients specializing in metal, composition, TOP, and tile roofs.



About Newport Construction Services

We are a company that works with insurance companies concentrating on storm related damages to residential, commercial and habitation properties funded mostly by insurance proceeds. Our management and owners of Newport Construction have over 70 years of combined insurance negotiation and construction experience. Locally owned and operated, in business since 1993, with our specialty in roofing and remodeling, Newport has been assisting  our customers with our knowledge in the insurance claims process. Regardless if your damages are to the interior or exterior, we have state-of-the-art training and equipment to assist you in any claim situation regardless of the complexity of your damages. Put us to the test and let us prove to you we can help you better than anyone!

Our services are unique to most any other construction firm in that we help inform you how to negotiate your claim, manage the repairs and incorporate any changes and/or additions you may want during the process of the repairs being made. We do this better than anyone else in the industry with our staff that is comprised of insurance adjusters, construction management personnel, former insurance industry executives, experienced construction estimators, crews and sales associates. No one has a team of experts on staff to assist you in the way we can and will. Regardless of the size of your claim, you owe it to yourself to employ us to assist you in this time of need. Our services are paid through your claim proceeds, not you ; and, in some cases, we can also you assist you with your deductible and out=of-pocket expenses associated with your loss.

Compare us to other restoration service companies and then call us to assist you. No one compares to the knowledge, expertise, installation and negotiation of your claim like we do and look forward to the opportunity to begin the process for you. We are excited to have the chance to show you our work. 


Meet Our Team

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Jeff Sill

After spending 18 years in the insurance business in Texas, Jeff Sill moved to the east coast area he was hired to arbitrate insurance claims for construction firms. In 1993, he created Newport Construction Services, Inc. and has gone through 7 hurricanes, 32 hail storms, 4 major floods and over 1,100 remodeling jobs on both commercial and residential. 

He not only can install various types of roofing but also runs Newport Construction Services, Inc. where he is sole owner and decision maker. 


Cell: 512-748-1512


Michelle Gregg - financial controller

Michelle Gregg comes to Newport Construction Services, Inc. with over 15 years of accounting and management experience with a degree from The University of the Incarnate Word in business and accounting. Her experience is primarily in manufacturing and commercial / residential construction.


Cell: 210-843-0415




Newport Construction Services, Inc. has been repairing and replacing roofs since 1993. We are established as a residential and commercial roofing contractor with an impeccable reputation for our knowledge, expertise and competitive prices, as well as respected as one of the industry's most advanced installation experts. We can assist you in all types of roofing including:

  • Low Slope (Flat Roofing)
  • Steep Slope (Pitched Gable or Hip)
  • Metal/Copper
  • Wood/Wood Shake
  • Tile/TPO
  • Awnings/Patio Covers
  • Repairs or Replacements
  • 24 Hour Emergency Repairs
  • And much more!

We strive for excellence and pride ourselves as being an honest and fair construction firm with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge. Call us for your roofing needs and put us to the test. We welcome your call!





No one can assist you in the process of changing your home's exterior better than Newport. Let our professional sales staff assist you in choosing the right color, style, and type of siding for your home. In addition, we can help you choose from a variety of optional accessories to compliment your home including: 

  • Trim Warps
  • Windows/Doors
  • Shutters
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Cement Fiber-Board
  • Wood
  • Gutters/Downspouts
  • Soffit/Fascia Repairs
  • Garage Doors
  • And more!


We have a large selection of styles and colors for the look that best compliments your home. We also offer painting and masonry/stucco installations as well and welcome the opportunity to assist you with whatever remodeling project you have. Give us a call for free, no obligation estimate!




The interor of your home is important to maintain and there are many aspects to it to consider. Regadless if you've had a leak, a catastrophic event or just want to update or change the decor, let Newport Construction assist you in your repairs. We have the knowledge and expertise required to accentuate your home's beauty at an affordable price. We can assist you in these following areas:

  • Painting/Texture/Wallpaper
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Trim and Molding
  • Flooring/Carpeting
  • Window/Door Instaallation
  • Small Electrical Repairs
  • Tile/Grout/Caulking
  • Handy-man type Repairs
  • And more!

When you need some remodeling done on the interior of your home, let Newport Construction offer a free, no obligation estimate for getting the job done right! Our professional installers are efficient, quick and professional and we invite you to see for youself. No job is too small at Newport Construction Services!


 Toll Free 855-963-9767


Newport Headquarters

21423 Boerne Stage Rd, Suite 105

San Antonio, Texas 78255

Office: 210.807.7827




North Texas Office

6565 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 225

Irving, Texas 75039

Office: 214.624.50825

Fax: 214.624.5083


South Texas Office

6077 Highway 883

Goliad, TX. 78107

Office: 361.288.1772


Newport Construction Services, Inc.

Toll Free 855-963-9767


Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being solicited?

You are located in a strategic location relevant to a catastrophic storm that may have caused damage to your home. We as contractors would like to perform an inspection to see if you did, in fact, suffer damages to your roofing, siding, and/or gutters that may involve your insurance coverage to pay for the necessary repairs. This inspection is of no risk to you and completely free.

What if I don't think there is any damage to my home, or I can't see any problem with my house?

Hail is a peril of nature that is not detected on roofs right away in many cases. When a large stone hits your roof, it “bruises” your fiberglass shingle in a way that it can’t be detected from ground level. The effect to your roof is that the shingle’s life is shortened to the point that most normal roofs will have to be either repaired or replaced depending on the extent of damage sustained. Siding is dented beyond repair or is replaced due to factors such as availability, fading, texture, size, and/or type. We are trained in the engineering skills used by most catastrophe adjusters and utilize these skills in determining if you do, in fact, have damage to your home.

What if my inspection shows that I do have damage to my home?

If your home is damaged from a covered peril in your homeowner’s policy, we will tell you. It is at this point that we will advise you to call your insurance agent, the insurance company, or their claims office to report your damage and have the insurance company adjuster view the damages with us. If they agree, negotiations will ensue to estimate the amount of damage and costs of repairs with us in order to repair your home. All you will pay at the completion of the repairs is your deductible and any additional work you have us do.

Is this a scam? / Is this ethical to do?

For most, your home is the largest asset you have. Insurance Companies do not just hand money out. If they are made aware of your damages, they will pay to repair or replace your exteriors to protect you from losing any valuation to your asset over and above the cost of your deductible. Our intent is to make you aware that you may possibly have this type of loss.

What happens if my insurance company does not agree with my contractor’s assessment of the damages?

You are entitled to have a second opinion performed known as a “re-inspection” that allows us to point out damages you have to the insurance company. Should the re-inspection result in a standing opinion of the insurance company, then your next step would be optional and explained in your policy. Most cases do not reach this phase of the process as you would be comfortable in knowing why your claim was being denied.

Should I get other bids on my damages?

In short, the answer to this question is no. Regardless of what contractor does the repairs to your home, no bids are necessary. It is up to your chosen contractor to oversee your repairs as they negotiate the price of the damages with your insurance company, not with you. The money is sent to you to pay the contractor directly; part at the beginning of your repairs and part at completion. If you were to “shop around” after being paid and found the repairs at a discount to your claim check, the difference belongs to the insurance company. Keeping the savings could be considered fraud. Shop your contractor based on skill, not price. All you pay is your deductible regardless of who you use to complete your repairs.

What if I need other repairs done that my insurance doesn’t cover?

We can complete most exterior and interior repairs at a competitive rate in addition to your insurance repairs including, but not limited to, window replacements, wood repairs, exterior wraps, etc. The costs would be paid by you.

How long would my repairs take to complete?

In most cases, we complete your roof the same day we start. Siding jobs take 1-2 days depending on extent of work, and gutters take only a few hours. All work is usually completed within the same week we start with a thorough cleaning after each phase performed.

Will this increase my insurance rates?

Catastrophic losses do not affect rates. Consult your agent for a complete explanation of the process of how your rates are promulgated.

What if I wait to turn in my claim or don’t turn my claim in at all?

There are time limits in your policy as to when you can complete your repairs. Waiting to turn your claim in can cause your insurer to deny your claim due to these time restraints. Should you decide to not turn your claim in at all, you could forfeit future claim damages due to your home having old damage no longer covered. Your policy language urges you to report your damages promptly.

How do I get started?

Call us to schedule an appointment so that we can inspect your home. Do not call your insurance company yet. Once we view your home and determine that you do have damage, we will advise you as to what kind of damage you have such as wind, hail, ice damming, etc. in addition to a date of loss that your damage possibly occurred. It would be at this point that you will contact your insurance company to report your loss.

How long has Newport Construction been in business?

Newport Construction Services Inc. is based in Texas and has been in business since 1993. Operations expand state wide. We are members of several association groups and have references available should you desire.

Why are my neighbors not having their work done?

Chances are that they are or that they will. Most homeowners are not aware that this kind of loss has occurred until we tell them. Once a few homes have been completed and word gets around that this loss has occurred, most neighbors begin to realize they, too, may have a claim and call..